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Fractured Sanity is an immersive VR horror experience with puzzle elements. Inspired by classics like: Resident Evil and Silent Hill, in Fractured Sanity we avoid jumpscares to create a psychological terror atmosphere. Waking up in the heart of an infamous mental asylum, you’ll have to fend for your life as you slowly piece together the history of its terrible experiments. Will you reshape yourself into what they want you to become? Or will you be trapped forever?

All that’s known about this hellish clinic is that its founder, Dr. Matthew Simmons, has been conducting research into the tripartite psyche and how to break someone’s id, ego and superego apart. How far has he gone?

In this short but intense VR experience, interactive physics-based puzzles mixed with survival horror elements bring an immersive atmosphere of tension and relief.

Can you survive the world that Dr. Simmons created?


  • Locked up in this facility, you need to find your way out
  • Interact with the world to work your way around the clinic – all in a physics-based VR simulation
  • Keep a sharp eye for details and items; the answer might be closer than you think


  • Realistic interactions make every action immersive – opening doors, using your flashlight, levers and more;
  • Every item you find has its use – explore the environment fully to solve puzzles;
  • You are not alone – look around corners and stay on your toes.


  • Realistic gun interactions, from reloading to shooting;
  • Mind your ammo – this is not an FPS, ammunition is scarce;
  • Deal with threats by running or fighting – whatever it takes to survive.


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A great demo. The graphics were good and it was quite scary.

I'm looking forward to a full version.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's my effort 

Thanks for playing and the video. We'll be releasing the full version in a couple of months. You can wishlist on Oculuslab or steam: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5347273738669610/