A downloadable game for Windows and Android

VRJAM 2022

This games was an entry for the VRJAM 2022And got 2nd place over 100 games. The game was made in 7 days and therefore has bugs. We are currently working on a final version of the game with more levels, improvements and bug fixes.

Developed by UnitedGames (https://twitter.com/unitedgames22

 - Gabriel Marques, Developer

- Gustavo Longhi, Developer

- Lucas Razvranauckas, Music and SFX

About the game:

In Cards of Destiny you play as a kid playing a puzzle tabletop game. You need to save humans from aliens, but sometimes you can't save everyone. Cards are splitted in Blessings (blue), Curses (purple)

How to Play:

Draw cards from your deck and try to solve puzzles to save humans. You can only have 3 cards at time in your hand.  Every cards has an One-Time Use effect (smash your hammer once, use your spray once, spawn aliens once). Use your cards by releasing on top of the board

Use both triggers to restart a level


Cards_of_Destiny_v2_Quest_pt-br.apk 134 MB
Cards_of_Destiny_v1_Quest_en-us.apk 91 MB
Cards_of_Destiny_PC_v1.zip 77 MB

Install instructions

- Windows: Unzip the folder and run the executable with you VR headset connected 

- Quest 2: Install de .APK file, go to unknown sources and run the app


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Great looking and playing game.

I did find the hammer and spray would sometimes activate on things I wasn't aiming at but I still managed to complete it.

Thanks for sharing your game.

Here's my effort...

Thanks for playing and making the video. It's always cool to see people playing the game. This was an entry for a game jam, so the whole game was made in 7 days. Therefore, we couldn't fix all bugs nor improve parts of the gameplay (use of the cards and items). We are now working on a complete version of the game to be released later this year. hope you can play that as well! :)


This is an amazing VR card game.  Excellent visual details, engaging gameplay, and a great audio soundtrack. The world needs more games like this!